Multi Color LED Strip Kit with Remote!

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Complete 4 LED Strip Kit with Multifunction Remote Control Only $59.99!
All the same functions, but you can now control the speed of the color rotation and mix your own colors!
These remotes are compatible with other 4 disc kits, the 4 strip kits, and the flexible 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 meter kits! Amazing!
4 strip led kit with remote 4 strip led kit with remote

YouTube video of the complete 4 strip LED strip set:

Strips are one foot long each (4 strips per kit) and includes all the accessories and a remote control with included battery! The included remote control works with our other remote kits as well. Included doublesided tape and mounting brackets make mounting this kit easy! Kit is for indoor use.

Expand your kit to 5 strips only $10.99! It is an extra foot long strip that you need to use with your existing connectors. It comes just as a strip by itself and is recommended for 60"+ TV's. The LED kit works on standard USA outlets and plugs. If you are outside the USA, please note it is a USA plug and the ac adapter (15 watts) is in the range of 110-240vac 50/60hz 12v. The kit includes 4, 1.5 meter box to strip connectors and 3 short strip to strip connectors 3.94" each. The 4 light strips are 4x80lm (lumens measured when white light on). For more info and FAQ's about this product Click Here to view our forum.

Click Below For The Extra Strip Only $10.99 (4 Strip Kit can have max 5 strips!)

Order The Optional Audio Music LED Controller For Your Kit Only $34.99!

FAQ: Wait, what is the audio controller, I'm confused... OK the audio controller replaces the controller that comes with the 4 strip color kit with remote. You can easily swap the other one out and have your audio controller make the lights flash to the music. Then your friends will think you are from the future!

This is the new remote style below that comes in your kit!
rgb led remote
The remote does the following:
1) Adjust intensity of LED light
2) Pause the color while it is changing
3) 25 colors to choose from on the remote
4) Flash between colors and adjust flash speed
5) Strobe white
6) Color fade change (quick) and adjust speed
7) Color fade change (slow) and adjust speed
8) Mix your own colors and save them, up to 6
9) Remote works on all our other remote kits!
No more stumbling around in the dark trying to
find the off switch after a party!
Remote Control Instructions page 1
Remote Control Instructions page 2

Make your own colors by pressing a DIY button, then hold down the color arrows to slowly adjust the color to your liking, and finally press the DIY button again to save it. Next time you press the DIY button you set, it will show that color. DIY buttons are white color by default until you set them.

Included (everything you need!) in the kit: 4 foot long color LED strips, 4 end caps, 8 mounting brackets, 12 mounting screws, 12 adhesive tapes, 1 15W power driver (UL, CE certified) and wall plug with 1.5 meter cable and IR remote control with controller and 4-way connection (junction) box. 1 foot receiver eye runs off the controller box to be placed where the remote can aim at it. LED Strip Kit with Remote and accessories

LED TV and Cabinet Lighting

Need Longer Cables? No Problem!

The kit has 4 ports on the control box to begin your initial connections (box to strip, 4 total 1.5 meters long each). You can continue connecting LED strips to the strip you just connected. Now that you have a strip plugged into the junction box you can start using "interlinking" aka "strip to strip" connectors. These connectors can also be used on the 6 strip color kit. We offer a few longer lengths below for special projects:
Select Connector Type:

LED Liquor Bottle Display Lighting

Sound Activated LED Tee Shirt $10 With Kit Purchase
LED Tee Shirt

LED DJ Lighting


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